The Best Wedding Dress EVER

The Best Wedding Dress EVER

The Best Wedding Dress EVER

July 17, 2015 / Blog

It’s a “stigma” if that a wedding is going to take place in warm and hot weather, to be more specific on the beach, THE DRESS SHOULD BE AS SIMPLE LIGHT as POSSIBLE.
But why??? Think for a minute that is your big day and you want to feel as elegant, gorgeous and fashionable as if you were in a City and not on the beach.

Combine the style there are gorgeous wedding dresses with removable skirts, you have 2 in 1  take a look some gowns on the Bridal Fashion Week you can have some great ideas for your wedding dress.

If you are like a lot of Brides that decide to have a traditional but chic design for your gown and you want to use it till the last minute of your day, that’s the attitude in the following picture you can have some ideas of what our brides decide to wear on their wedding.All of them got married in the Riviera Maya and Caribephoto captured those unforgettable moments. 



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