Shannon and Logan: A Cross-Country Love Story


Shannon and Logan: A Cross-Country Love Story

September 20, 2017 / Blog

Six years ago, a laid back California guy with an adventurous spirit met his match: an independent, strong-willed South Carolina girl from a big, tight family. We asked Shannon and Logan to share with us their story of love and commitment, as well as their reaction to their wedding photos from Azul Fives.

SL-1¨Logan and I first crossed paths in the lunchroom at our college. I was having dinner with my teammates in between workouts, and he was eating dinner before going to class for the night. He decided to join us, because he knew my teammates. We talked the whole time, and later that night he got my number.¨

SL-2¨He was so easy to talk to, was so attractive and had the best smile. I really had  so much fun just talking to him that the rest just fell in to place. Our first date was to P.F. Changs. We ate Chinese food and laughed all night.¨

SL-3¨Our first kiss was after a long night of Logan helping me study for an anatomy class. He was in the lab with me while I went over my notes and my images, he spun around on chairs playing music on my computer.¨

SL-4¨We just had so much fun together, no matter what we are doing. We get along well, we enjoy similar things, he pushes me out of my small-town comfort zone,  and I help keep him grounded.¨

SL-5¨We love hiking together, going to the beach, walking our dogs, swimming with our    nieces and nephew, going golfing, and spending time with our family and friends. We truly enjoy spending time together. It has never felt like a task to talk to each other, or be together, it has always just come so naturally.¨

SL-6¨The first time we told each other we loved the other was the night before Logan left for California for Christmas break. He had to be at the airport the next day, and while saying goodnight he asked me if it was crazy that he loved me. Of course it wasn’t crazy, because I loved him too. When we realized we couldn’t go to sleep or wake up without talking to one another.¨

SL-10¨It was Christmas Day 2015, we had just gotten off the plane in California and he urged me to go straight to his Mom´s house. He kept saying we need to take a picture and send it to your parents, which is weird because usually I am forcing the photos. I figured something was up but didn’t pay attention. He urged us to ride bikes down to the beach and once we got there we stood back to look at the ocean. He exclaimed that there were dolphins out in the distance, and I stood there looking, not seeing anything of course, I turn around to tell him that there is nothing there, and he is down on one knee!¨

SL-11¨Our families were excited. They know that we adore each other and are the perfect   match. Both of our families are laid back and easy going. They are all so supportive of the two of us, provide us with tons of advice, lots of laughs, and even more love. We really are blessed with two families that are there no matter what for each of us. Logan’s family would do anything for me, and my family would do anything for him.¨

SL-8A¨We wanted to do a wedding that was different. We wanted to choose a place that exemplified us, and that is what led us to a destination wedding. The Riviera  Maya was a suggested location to us, and when we saw pictures of it, it was no question from there. It was beautiful, and it was the best decision that we made.¨


Caribe: What did you think of the work of your photographer Hazael?

¨Hazael was awesome. He was so easy to talk to, and helped us relax more and be more natural during our pictures. He didn’t position us to where  we looked posed, and that was something that was very important to the two of us.¨

¨We love the pictures of our friends. We love the variety, and we love the inclusiveness of our families.¨


On behalf of Caribephoto we would like to thank Shannon and Logan for choosing us to be a part of this special day and for allowing us to share this with our readers. Please take a moment and share this with others.

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Principal Photographer: Hazael Gonzalez

Destination Wedding Location: Azul Fives Hotel, by Karisma




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