Sensational Wedding at Generations, Riviera Maya


Sensational Wedding at Generations, Riviera Maya

September 8, 2017 / Blog

Our photos of beautiful young newlyweds Mariah and Carlton reveal much through the subtle nuances of body language and loving gazes. We asked them to share their love story with us and how they felt about the experience of getting married in the Riviera Maya.

Mariah: Carlton and I first met in high school at an FFA car show. I had no idea who he was. We went to lunch with a group of friends. Somehow Carlton got my phone number from a friend and the rest is history!

7185-resized+logoMariah: My first impression of Carlton was that he was quiet and kind. I was attracted to his personality, as well as his looks.

Carlton: My first impression of Mariah was that she was beautiful, and I knew I wanted to be with her.

6886-resized+logoOur first date consisted of a lunch meeting during finals where we met up at a local burger joint, talked and learned more about each other.

7422-resized+logoMariah: Our first kiss was about 2 weeks after our first date. The experience left me knowing that Carlton was more special to me than any other person I had met. The connection was much deeper than surface level.

7457-resized+logoMariah: I never grew tired of him. I wished to spend every minute of my day with him.

Carlton: I wanted to keep dating Mariah because our personalities were so alike. We just got along and it was easy. Some of our favorite things to do together include: trying new restaurants, traveling and watching movies.

7289-resized+logoMariah: I believe we are a good match for each other as we allowed for each other to grow independently while we grew together. We have been together for 7 years and in those seven years we have both accomplished parts of our dreams. Supporting each other through the process was so important and solidifying for us.

7107-resized+logoMariah: I realized I was in love early on in our relationship. I had never had feelings for someone the way I did for Carlton. It was just in my head that he was going to be the one I married. It only became increasingly apparent as the years passed.

Carlton: I realized I was in love when I wanted to spend hours with Mariah and I never wanted her to leave, she is my best friend.

7113-resized+logoMariah: Carlton proposed to me on August 11, 2016. I had planned a trip for his birthday to Fredericksburg, Texas. We planned to stay in a small cabin, hike enchanted rock and just spend time together. Unknown to me, he got down on one knee in cabin number 19 and asked me to spend forever with him.

7022-resized+logoMariah: Our families were both so excited when we told them. Carlton´s parents always opened their home to me and were truly a second set of parents to me. My mom was so excited, and my dad- impressed with Carlton’s electrical skill and work ethic- was excited that I had found a person who could truly take care of me.

7244-resized+logoCaribephoto: Why did you choose to get married at Generations in the Riviera Maya?

Mariah: Carlton and I are both very intimate people, keeping our circles small. Our friends know how much they mean to us as we readily make a point to tell them. We knew a big wedding was not for us. We threw around some ideas but thankfully we were linked with our wonderful travel agent Jo Ann Muzny who had her vow renewal at Generations. She raved about the views, and the hospitality. We booked and I would recommend having a destination wedding at Generations to anyone interested.

7204-resized+logoCaribephoto: How was your experience with our photographer Rodrigo and the Caribephoto team?

Rodrigo and Ian blew me away. They were both so nice, making us feel comfortable and  it was evident Rodrigo is a true professional. I appreciate them both so much as they are the ones who truly captured my memories that I will keep forever.



7266-resized+logoCaribephoto: What did you enjoy most about Rodrigo´s work?

His personality, hospitality, and willingness to “get the shot” were amazing. He was literally laying in the sand in order to get the perfect shot of me in my wedding dress. He stayed throughout the ceremony and reception and was open to any pictures I wished to have. I would recommend Rodrigo to anyone getting married as he will get you the pictures you will cherish forever.


Caribephoto: What was your reaction to seeing the final images?

To say I was amazed is an understatement. I absolutely love my pictures as they show the relaxed setting, yet the beauty of my simplistic wedding. If Rodrigo was closer to me I would be asking him to take pictures for us for every occasion.

6758-resized+logoOn behalf of Caribephoto we would like to thank Mariah and Carlton for choosing us to be a part of their special day and for allowing us to share their love story.

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Principal Photographer: Rodrigo Merediz

Destination Wedding Location: Generations Riviera Maya

Wedding Reception Location: Generations Riviera Maya- Skydeck

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