Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight

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Love at First Sight!

 In this occasion we are going to travel to the night of  December 6th of 2010; Sharon is celebrating her 18th birthday at a local pub and Barry gathered with some friends too, he could not stop stare at her.

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…They have been talking for a while and Sharon is thinking “his eyes are beautiful and he has longer eye lashes than me” Later that night ….Barry is texting Sharon, he can´t wait to see her again…

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The day of the 1st date came….They enjoy every moment, Barry has this contagious smile and they are realizing they love each other’s company. As a libra, Barry has a laid back personality and Sharon as a Sagittarius has a fiery personality so she believes he balances her and make her more level headed.

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They find out they and their families share similar hobbies like going mountain walking among other sporty amusements. Sharon is passing through a difficult time. Her grandparents are ill and Barry is becoming close, so close he is already like a grandson, he is also a mainstay comfort for Sharon in this difficult time, she is aware of his kindness and love towards her and her family.

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As one of the many reasons they are together, traveling is one of them, was expected to get married at the beach, a wedding destination.

” We love to go on at least one trip abroad to somewhere new every year.”

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As sports fans they decide to spend the weekend away to support the welsh team, to watch the rugby 6 nations in Edinburgh… It is a crisp cold Saturday morning. They have time before the game and they decide to visit the Edinburg Castle…The tour is coming to an end, Barry is getting down on one knee and asks Sharon to marry him! She is in total shock, she cannot believe it! Of course she says yes!

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Sharon calls her mom, but she didn´t know that Barry previously asked her dad for his permission; Sharon´s dad reply was: “YES you can if you are crazy enough to want to!…Sharon call her grandfather and he joked that he didn’t know what he was letting himself in for with Sharon. “Everyone was over the moon and couldn’t wait to see us and the ring.”

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“We didn’t want a traditional church wedding at our local church. We wanted something small and more intimate and special. We had nowhere specific when we were looking for a destination but we knew it had to be in the Caribbean somewhere.”

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“When we saw the sky deck venue for the wedding in Azul fives I fell in love and knew straight away that was the place I wanted to get married it was beautiful with the sea and sand as the backdrop to our special day.”

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“It just looked spectacular like something from a dream.”

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Sharon didn´t blink an eye the entire night, she is not hungry to eat breakfast, she is so, so nervous because she want it all to be perfect! During getting ready at the room her nerves are fading away, now she excited to see her husband and spend the day together!

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While walking the aisle with her dad she feels immensely happy.

Happy Anniversary guys!

Dear Sharon and Barry: We love your story, thanks for letting us share it with other beautiful brides, we wish you the best!

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