Golden Hearts at Sensatori


Golden Hearts at Sensatori

October 12, 2017 / Blog

This month´s beautiful bride and groom arrived to the Riviera Maya from Staten Island, Brooklyn. They chose to have their wedding at Azul Sensatori, surrounded by their closest friends and family they shared an intimate gathering where they exchanged vows and committed to one another.


We asked our beautiful bride Stephanie to tell us about how their paths crossed for the first time.


¨We met through our best friends. My best friend & Joe’s best friend are brother and sister. My first impression of Joe was “Holy BLUE eyes, he is hot!¨

Azul Sensatori-1A

¨On our first date Joe took me out to dinner and a movie,¨said Stephanie.

Joseph: ¨It took 2 years for us to get together. We knew each other as friends but things didn´t happen until she made the first move. It happened that way because I´m shy.¨


Stephanie: ¨Our first kiss was at a summer Block Party in 2010.  I remember wanting to kiss him so bad and then before I knew it, he grabbed me and finally kissed me.¨


Their relationship has benefitted greatly by their mutual interests. Since many of their favorite things to do together are going hunting and fishing. This would actually play a part in the way that they would become engaged. In keeping with their shared interests, Joseph had a plan to surprise her and capture it all for posterity. 


We just connected so well and we knew we wanted to be together forever, we became each other’s best friends. We love cooking together, trying new recipes out at home. We really are a perfect match, we bring out the best in each other and really balance each other out.”


“I knew I loved Joe the moment I saw that he truly treated me like a Princess.  He is like my Dad in so many ways and that is when I realized this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.”


Stephanie told us about the unique, yet appropriate manner in which her future husband proposed to her. ¨Joe surprised me and took me out back in our yard and proposed in front of his trail-camera. Right in the middle of the woods, he is a hunter so it was perfect.”


Says Joe ¨I picked a spot right where the video cameras are set up in the trees to record deer. I dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring, in front of the camera, so it was all deliberate. We have the video of the whole thing.¨ The reaction from their families was ¨FINALLY!¨ They were thrilled!


We asked them why they decided to get married in the Riviera Maya as opposed to back home in New York; Joe: We got married here because Italian weddings are usually very big, with lots of family. We didn´t want that, and we preferred that it be with all of our closest friends.¨

Stephanie: We love Mexico, its beautiful there. We have been to Mexico 3 times before our wedding and it was always such a great time.

Azul Sensatori-2A (1)

Inside the main ballroom it felt like an intimate gathering among friends, probably not unlike the original house party where they had first met. It could have been another night in Staten Island by the way everyone in the Sensatori ball room was cut loose with their dance moves.


Caribephoto: What did you think of your photographer´s work? What did you like most about his photography/style/approach?

Rodrigo was amazing, he was just awesome. He took great pictures and really captured all the moments of the wedding. He took pictures from all different angles and really did an overall amazing job.


Caribephoto: What do you think of the final pictures? Beautiful!  I am in complete owe of how amazing they came out.

On behalf of Caribephoto we would like to thank Stephanie and Joseph for choosing us to be a part of this special day and for allowing us to share this with our readers.  Please take a moment and share this with your loved ones.

Are you getting married soon? We can´t wait to hear all about your wedding!

Please email all your questions to and we will get back to you soon.

Principal Photographer: Rodrigo Merediz

Hotel: Azul Sensatori By Karisma












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