Frequently, asked questions

1. How long does it take for the wedding photos to be processed and delivered?
It takes at least 72 hours for you to have the CD with your original pictures after the wedding day. (excluding weekends and Mexican holidays)

2. How can we reserve and pay for the photography packages?
We require a deposit payment for 25% of the total cost of the photography package, we will send you a PayPal request and in case you don´t have a PayPal account, this request allows you to pay with your debit or credit card. The remaining balance can be paid 2 weeks before your wedding with the same method mentioned above.

3. What is the cancellation policy of my wedding photographer?
If you cancel the reservation of your package a refund does not apply because the photographer would have turned away other potential clients for that day.

4. What type of equipment will the photographer use to photograph my wedding?
Our photographers use digital cameras of 12 mpx large fine shot so you can get the best quality. But if you prefer film shooting you may ask for the service.

5. Do you photograph in color or black and white?
We take photographs in color so you may have the option of full color, black and white or sepia tone digitally altered. We also provide black and white film if you prefer it.

6. Who processes the film and prints the photographs?
We have our own photo laboratory using the highest quality standards, so at the end of the session of photographs, our photographer brings the film or memory card to the lab and we take care of the process of developing and printing. Each image is individually treated for color and exposure to provide you with the highest quality prints available.

7. Can we upgrade our package after we book our wedding photographer?
Yes! But if you book one photography package and request an upgrade, it may imply and additional charge. For more information please contact info@caribephoto.com.

8. How long does the photographer stay with us at our wedding?
Depends on the package you have purchased, the photographer will usually start photographing the groom, the arrival of the guests and the arrival of the bride. The photographer will then shoot the entire ceremony and finally stays to complete the family photo session, guests,bride and groom together. If you require more time for additional pictures you can purchase additional hours on our website under additional services or you can contact us at info@caribephoto.com.

9. How many wedding photographers come with the package?
There is only one wedding photographer for each wedding package; an additional wedding photographer is available with every wedding package for an additional cost.

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