Black and white photography for destination wedding

Black and white photography for destination wedding

Black and white photography for destination wedding

November 16, 2016 / Blog

We all want to remember our special moments, and when it comes to your destination wedding photographs

nothing speaks louder than a smile or a kiss, that “first look” before the ceremony… a moment captured, what we felt.












The excitement, anxiety, happines. A photograph take us back there.











Usually a full color photo brings the “wow” factor with those vibrant sunsets, spectacular views,

lovely venues… they bring back the memories exactly how they are, every detail.

They are a bold testimony of a unique experience. These are some of the reasons to get married away from home,

and with all the technology we are used to see a lot of color photos. But do not forget about Black and white classic photos.












I believe that black and white photographs document touching moments with a unique style, they focus on the subject

and exhibit feelings in a very artsy way.

They have a very strong statement of intimacy and have less distractions than a color image.












The black and white photographs are timeless. They show different qualities that allows to see easily the composition,

the shadows, the light, the perspective.












So don´t be afraid to choose a black and white photo for the cover of your photobook or share it on your favorite social network,

remember: it all started with a b/w photograph!












Don´t forget to smile!

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