A Walk Up The Famous Fifth Ave.

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A Walk Up The Famous Fifth Ave.

April 9, 2018 / Blog

Ellen and Tyler’s wedding day was a mixture full of fun and happiness!

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Their Big day couldn´t have started better! When Caribephoto team arrived to Ellen´s getting ready she told us their day began at a pool party?! How cool is that!? Having time to relax before the wedding is a must.

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“You know what you are getting into” Ellen´s dad told Tyler when he said he will propose to his lovely daughter!

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Where they live is really cold, Ellen suggested a Destination Wedding, so they and their friends could have holidays and not worry about planning! “It’s been everything we wanted and more!” Ellen said.

They opted for the The Royal Resort, at the heart of Playa del Carmen.

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Ellen friends came up with the idea of having a first look!

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…And it turn out great at such beautiful scenery!

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They wanted a photo shooting out of the ordinary, with a different background, what a better place full of bold colors than the Famous 5th Avenue!

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They had a VIP 6, here discover what this package includes:


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We want to thank Ellen and Tyler and their families for such a fun day and The Royal Resort Playa del Carmen staff too, we had a blast!

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